Expenses policy and reimbursement

Eligible Expenses Policy

Please fill out the form below to be reimbursed for expenses incurred whilst volunteering with SCALP during COP26

SCALP is a small collective with very little financial resource. We are committed to making legal support structures accessible to participation of those from all financial backgrounds, and this expense policy exists to make that possible within our limited capacity. To that end, all those undertaking SCALP work can claim reasonable expenses, but some choose not to claim back expenses and instead view their expenditure as a donation to SCALP’s activities.

We can only reimburse expenses accrued in the undertaking of Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project (SCALP) activities, or those undertaken in explicit collaboration with SCALP.

This includes, but is not limited to: providing Legal Observation, arrestee support and court support for those undertaking action and experiencing legal consequences in Scotland. We are not able to reimburse expenses for support that takes place outside of Scotland.

As a guide (but not a firm limit, if you need to spend more and there is risk to life or limb, please do), it is normal to spend:

Train or bus fares within a city; travel between Edinburgh and Glasgow during COP26 whilst volunteering with SCALP; or for other travel prearranged with LO coordinator, BO coordinators, PSS coordinators or the wider SCALP team.

Taxis are to be avoided where possible, but if it is your only way of getting to an action inaccessible by public transport after all other options have been exhausted, sometimes it is necessary.

If you are supporting someone upon release from a police station and the individual is uncomfortable receiving a lift from you, you do not have a driver or public transport is not running, or, a taxi may be used.

Fuel If using your own car is necessary or cheaper than public transport, SCALP can reimburse fuel if this is a cost-barrier for you providing support.

Parking If it is necessary for you to pay for parking whilst providing SCALP support, we can reimburse the costs if this is a barrier for you. Find the cheapest option possible, no valet cheers.

For yourself: If you’re out on an action or doing station support, we can reimburse up to £10 on food per-day if cost is a barrier for you.
For those you are supporting: Folks should get fed in police stations, so please, no meals unless really needed. Feel free to buy some snacks etc when doing support, particularly at stations. 

It’s normal to spend about £2 on canned/bottled cold drinks, and up to £5 for a hot drinks for yourself and those you are supporting when needed.
SCALP will not reimburse money spent on alcohol (soz).

Phone credit/data: If you need some to stay in touch with back office/other people in the support system, please buy some. £5-£10 is reasonable.

Support items:
We are living through a pandemic, and sometimes on actions things get lost.
We will reimburse reasonable expenses for essential support items for yourself or others, like masks, first aid/painkillers, clothing/blankets, phone chargers etc. Please, only buy them if you really need them.

Sometimes doing legal support of various kinds you need to write stuff down.
Pens, notepads, that kind of essential stuff, can be expensed if cost is a barrier for you.

Large expenses:
For things costing £25+ like accommodation, long-distance travel etc, please get pre-approval from SCALP, as we have limited capacity to spontaneously absorb unexpected costs.That said, if it is essential to keep you or the person you are supporting safe, please spend it and we will work something out.