Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

SCALP is the data controller. Data processors include Arrestwatch and those volunteers or coordinators working within the Back Office. Data subjects are anyone using SCALP’s services, working with us, or contacting SCALP requesting or providing information relating to SCALP’s services.

We may obtain contact details, names, and other identifiers about protestors, members of the public and the police present at protests in order to:

  • enable us to contact anyone arrested to offer advice and support.
  • help make sure that protesters, who are subject to police action or violence, have access to evidence that may be of value to defend their rights to protest, take action against the police and support their defence.

The personal data involved may be provided by the individual or provided by legal observers or others present at a protest from their personal observation, or it may be from other publicly accessible resources (like social and other media).

We also process personal data in the form of:

  • name and contact information for those people we train as legal observers and/or those who continue to support SCALP to enable us to keep in touch.
  • names, phone numbers, and email addresses and any other personal information provided by people contacting us by email, online or over the phone.
  • names, phone numbers, and email addresses and any other personal information provided by people volunteering with us

This processing is on the basis of our legitimate interests as an organisation in supporting individual protesters.

Who we might share your personal data with

Where appropriate, we may share personal data in the following ways:

  • with solicitors representing protesters.
  • with protesters representing themselves.
  • with individuals supporting protesters at police stations.
  • with other groups offering support to protesters.
  • with SCALP members or volunteers.

We endeavour to ensure there is high quality consent to the sharing of personal data from the key protester (e.g. the arrestee) but the sharing of relevant personal information about other people present at the protest is based on the legitimate interests of SCALP.

When you give your data as a volunteer, we endeavour to seek high quality consent if that data is needed to be shared with other members of SCALP or other volunteers in order to carry out the legitimate activities of SCALP, but the sharing of any relevant personal information about those working with SCALP is based on the legitimate interests of SCALP. We endeavour to keep such personal data subject to access controls but where appropriate it will need to be shared with other members or volunteers.

Safeguarding your personal data

We ensure that all personal data is subject to access controls. All data regarding arrest or protest coming to use through arrest watch forms or through the legal support phone number or other means is stored on secure encrypted servers and subject to access controls.

All other data unrelated to arrest or legal support  is stored on secure platforms and/or with high quality consent is shared between SCALP members and volunteers on other collaborative platforms.  We use riseup, action network and mail chimp to host our mailing lists. We use cognito forms and smartwaiver to host our forms and volunteer agreements. Any data we receive through these forms stays within SCALP and we collect high quality consent when /if we need to share any personal details with other volunteers in order for SCALP and you as a volunteer to carry out SCALP’s legitimate activities. We will not share it with any other party unless we receive direction and consent to do so.

When we receive data through eventbrite or other platforms used for organising events, this data remains within Eventbrite or that platform and we will not share it with any other party.

We will only process personal data outside of the EU where we are sure there is an adequate level of protection or there are appropriate safeguards in place.  We use pseudonymisation when sharing personal data, where appropriate.

How long we keep your personal data

We will only keep this data for as long as is necessary to meet our legitimate interests described above. Subscribers to mailing lists can unsubscribe at any time by visiting their subscription page.

Your rights as a data subject

You have the following rights: to be informed how your data is processed, to gain access to your personal data;  to have errors or inaccuracies corrected; to have your personal data erased (SCALP must take reasonable steps to verify the person requesting erasure is actually the data subject); to object to the processing when the processing is based on the public interest or other legitimate interests; to restrict the processing of your personal data in limited circumstances; and to obtain a copy of some of your data in a commonly used electronic form in some limited circumstances. You have the right to complain to the ICO about the way in which we process your personal data. Please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office for further information: website If you wish to exercise any right, or for any queries you may have, or if you wish to make a complaint, please contact us Details about SCALP are available on our website

Website and privacy online

Our website is hosted by wordpress. We use riseup, action network and mail chimp to host our mailing lists.

If you are concerned about protecting your identity online, set your browser to send the Do Not Track header, install a privacy plugin such as Disconnect, and if you’re really concerned then use the Tor Browser or Tails.

We offer a public PGP key for sending encrypted emails to us. Please see here

Visit the Riseup help pages to learn about what you can do to improve your network security and protect your privacy.