Scottish Community & Activist Legal Project (SCALP) is a collective of activists from social and environmental justice groups in Scotland who are collaborating on community and activist legal support.

We attend protests to challenge police abuse , support people in case of arrest, and provide legal information to activists.

We are keen to hear from any groups planning direct action in Scotland who need legal support, those who have skills to offer, and people who are keen to get training on how to give activist legal support themselves.

Activists holding hands sitting down on a road

SCALP exists to give dedicated legal support to activists in Scotland, which is crucially important because Scotland has an entirely independent legal system to the rest of the UK.

We formed in October 2009, drawing on the experience people who supported direct action at Faslane, the G8 and lots more. The group was then inactive for some time, but in 2019 there was a huge increase in people taking action that confronts the Scottish legal system, as well as future plans for action at the UN climate talks and Climate Camp Scotland. SCALP has regrouped to support Scottish movements at this key time.

SCALP’s Five Aims: 
1. Defend the right to protest.
2. Stop police abuse of power, especially of marginalised groups.
3. Learn from the movement, strengthen it and challenge abuse of state & legal powers.
4. Raise awareness about policing and the law.
5. Monitor police and gather information.

SCALP is a volunteer run collective, if you are interested in supporting or helping fund our work please get in touch. Our members come from the following backgrounds: