Know Your Rights Workshops and Legal Observer Trainings in August 2021

SCALP are excited to announce some upcoming workshops relating to protesting and knowing your rights in Scotland.

Thinking of coming to COP26 this November? Would like to to support a group you are involved in or volunteer as a Legal Observer with SCALP in the future? Just generally want to be a bit more knowledgable about your rights? (always useful!)

For whatever reason, whether you’re totally new to these things, or have a lot of experience but would like a wee reminder (especially if you haven’t protested in Scotland before!) then you are all welcome.

Book one or both at a time. Each workshop is repeated, the same material covered on the two dates offered. Please take care to double check which workshop is on on which Monday when booking and book the one for you.

Monday 9th August – Know Your Rights – 6.30pm

Monday 16th August – Intro To Legal Observing – 6.30pm

Monday 23rd August – Know Your Rights – 6.30pm

Monday 30th August – Intro To Legal Observing – 6.30pm

On zoom
1.30 hours
You will be sent a link once you have registered


Know Your Rights Workshops:
Know Your Rights to protest in Scotland (Scotland is different to England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

The workshop aims to faciliate learning around a variety of useful things related to your rights. Things we’ll touch on include, how to talk or not talk with Police if you are approached, your rights when it comes to things like Stop and Search, how to identify who’s who within the policing team at protests, and what to expect and how to support yourself and each other.

Intro To Legal Observing Workshops:
Legal Observers (LOs) are volunteers who monitor the police at protests and actions to help curb police violence and support activists.

This training is for anyone who wants to provide legal support for their own group or community in Scotland, or join SCALP’s pool of LOs. LO’s are a crucial part of a legal support infrastructure and work with back office and arrestee support volunteers to make sure people know their rights and are supported when taking part in protests.

This training will be part presentation, part optional interactive activities to give you all the information you need to be an effective LO.


General Principles:

  • We’re talking about Scottish Law only
  • We’re not lawyers – there are plenty of good reasons to get professional legal advice – we offer these trainings to support activists and community.
  • We recognise that Police are known to behave differently towards different people – with violent and misconduct being particularly experienced by Black people and people of colour, disabled people and trans people.
  • COVID regulations are frequently changing.
  • Facilitators will work to ensure that all trainings are as welcoming as possible and that any abusive or oppressive behaviour is challenged. Anyone who continues to behave in an unacceptable way may be removed from the call.
  • If there is anything we can do to make the training safer or more accessible for you, please let us know when you register (such as providing transcripts etc).
  • The training will not be recorded but we will run more in the future.

About SCALP:
The Scottish Community and Activist Legal Project (SCALP) is a collective of social and environmental justice activists, working to challenge police abuse, monitor protest policing and provide legal guidance.
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