Useful links

There are some organisations providing support around Scotland, incase they’re useful for you!


People covered by the Mental Health Act (including people who have a mental health issue, a learning disability, autism or dementia) have a right to independent advocacy. The advocate would help you understadn your rights, work our your options, express your views and make decisions. The role of the advocate isn’t restricted to mental health situations. Depending on where you live you might be able to access advocacy in other situations. However, everyone can ask for an advocate, and everyone has a right to have someone else present at healthcare appointments.
Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA)

IMPORTANT: The following groups focus on the UK and often refer to English and Welsh law – please be aware this is different to Scottish law.

Article 11 Trust (UK)

The Article 11 Trust is a UK-based charitable organisation working to defend and advance the rights to freedom of assembly and association under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)


Netpol (UK)

The network for police monitoring. (Similar to our work, but we focus on Scottish law)


Black and Green Cross (UK)

Volunteers able to help with legal matters arising from protest and actions only.


European Legal Support Centre (Europe/UK)

Organisation working on monitoring repression of Palestinian advocates, strategic litigation, and providing free legal support to advocates of Palestinian rights across mainland Europe and the UK.