Get Involved

SCALP is run by its members: if you are interested in joining or getting involved please do get in touch. There are all sorts of tasks to do, few of which require specialist knowledge.

The SCALP structure – circles

SCALP uses circles (or groups) as way of organising

Working group circles which are mostly open for those interested to join

Core Collective circle which is invite only and uses consensus decision making

Working groups

Some of these working groups are active at all times and others are used only when needed

  • Trainings
  • Court Support
  • Outreach and Welcome
  • Guide Writing
  • Finance
  • Legal Observing
  • Back Office
  • External Comms

We also have temporary action based working groups set up sometimes for more in-depth legal support planning.

Joining a SCALP Working Group (WG)

If you’re interested in joining a WG, send us a message with your general interests and skills you might be up for lending, we will then see where you might be best suited to start with.

Legal Observer Network

You can also get involved with SCALP by becoming a trained Legal Observer. Keep an eye out for our next trainings on our website and social media.

Arrestee Support Network

You can get involved in the arrestee support network, please email us on with the subject line ‘I want to be part of the arrestee support network’ and we will send you info!