Police powers under Lockdown

As a group, we fully support the medical and healthcare advice regarding physical distancing at this current time.  However, we are concerned about the following things and want more clarity and commitment from the Scottish Government that they have a robust plan for this:
  • Restriction on protest
  • Societal mental health (with lack of socialising, exercise and outdoor time)
  • Difficulty of getting support to people
  • Police exploiting their exceptional  powers, especially with regards to marginalised groups
The breakout of Covid-19 has led to the passing of laws with significant consequences for activists, and the rights and wellbeing of the general public. Below is a summary of the Police’s new powers. If you would like to receive updates about Police Powers and other SCALP work please fill out this short form. (No personal details are necessary, only your email address). For a more thorough guide to changes to Scottish Law following lockdown go to our Coronavirus regulations page.