Protest under COVID-19, 12 October Update

New Coronavirus regulations were published on Friday 9 Oct and expire on 26 October.

Despite new restrictions on sport and closures of pubs and cafes there appear to be no new restrictions on other outdoor gatherings. You can still meet outside in groups if either:

* You’re six people or fewer from one or two households.
* It’s for an activity organised by a named charity, non-profit organisation, sports club, religious group or political organisation.

These rules are the same across Scotland.

Local Authorities gained wide-reaching powers in September to ban people from specific public places and restrict or cancel indoor and outdoor events.

There are still no legal rules about what constitutes physical distancing outside nor are there any outside places where face coverings are required. But police can break up gatherings they deem to be illegal, and use force to do so, including escorting people home. Resisting these measures may result in a fine.

Most of the regulations relevant to protest are the same as they have been since mid-September.

To get fully clued-up, have a read of our new guidance or download our poster.