Protest under COVID-19, 4 January Update

Following an emergency recall of the Scottish Parliament, the Coronavirus regulations have been amended again. These changes come into force at midnight tonight.*

Read our fully updated guide and know your rights.

Since most of Scotland is in Level 4 already, the effect of the changes is that lockdown is back:

  • The 6 person limit for outdoor gatherings has become a 2 person limit.
  • Travel restrictions are reworded: instead of saying you can’t leave your Local Authority area unless doing certain things, it now says you can’t leave your home unless doing certain things. The text reads “A person who is living in a Level 4 area must not leave the place where that person is living”.
  • Organised group exercise, previously exempt from restrictions, is now banned.
  • There is a new exemption for travelling to get a vaccine.

Travel exemptions remain at all levels for seeing members of your extended household, work, care, accessing medical services, necessary shopping, and household exercise that’s within 5 miles of your local authority boundary.

A full list of exemptions can be found on our COVID-19 guide for activists.

*To read the text of the regulations directly, click here.